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haira adj. shrewd, crafty at getting what one wants (usually to the disadvantage of the other person). Variant: aira2.
haira tapu ... v. having a strong desire to have something, greedy (it indicates that the person will do anything to get the named object). No meki a pikin disi si pe yu e poti yu keti, bika a haira tapu gowt'sani. Don’t let this girl see where you put you necklace, because she can’t keep her hands off gold jewelry.
har'hari 1) n. rake. syn: prasi sisibi. Morph: redup. See: prasara sisibi.
2) vt. rake. Harhari a prasi gi mi. Rake the yard for me. Spelling variation: ar'ari
3) v. run a comb through the hair. Har'hari a wiwiri fu a pikin wan pikinso gi mi. Run a comb through the child’s hair for me.
hari1 1) vt. pull, tug, jerk. Den man hari a oto kmopo fu a gotro. The men pulled the car out of the ditch. ant: pusu. Spelling variation: ari
2) vt. extend, enlarge. Fu di a wroko furu, den hari a wrokoman yuru nanga ete wan yuru. Because there is so much work, they extended the work time by one hour. Mi e go hari a oso bika a pikin. I’m going to enlarge the house because it is small.
hari ... kon langa idiom. extend, stretch (out). Ef' yu hari a elastiek fu yu bruku kon langa, a o kon slap. If you stretch out the elastic in your pants, they won’t fit tight.
3) vi. leave. A lanti bus e hari siksi yuru mamanten. The government bus leaves at six o’clock in the morning. syn: lusu.
4) vi. run off (as with water), go away. Te alen kon tranga a watra ini den dyari no e hari esi. Whenever it rains hard, the water in the yards does not run off quickly. Variant: hari gwe.
hari2 1) ad. slim, skinny, slender. Yu kon hari! You’ve gotten skinny! ant: deki; fatu1. See: mangri.
2) vi. become slender, thin or skinny. Meisje, y'e hari! Girl, you are getting skinny! ant: fatu1.
hari ... baka lay down to rest. See main entry: hari ... baka.
hari ... bro breathe (deeply), inhale. See main entry: hari ... bro.
hari ... kon langa extend, stretch (out). See main entry: hari ... kon langa.
hari ... neki-titei yell at someone. See main entry: hari ... neki titei.
hari ... noso 1) sniffle.
2) stick ones nose up at something. See main entry: hari ... noso.
hari ... skin 1) massage.
2) spank, whip. See main entry: hari ... skin.
hari ... skowru shrug one’s shoulders. See main entry: hari ... skowru.
hari gwe run off (as with water), go away. See main entry: hari1.
hari lesi stretch (one’s body). See main entry: hari lesi.
hari taki backtalk, argue. See main entry: hari taki.
hari wan mofo take a drink. See main entry: hari wan mofo.
hari watra 1) grow, sprout.
2) dry out a little. See main entry: hari watra.
hariman n. someone who likes to draw his knife. See: nefiman.
hat' sani painful things. See main entry: hat' sani.
hati1 1) v. become hot. A isri no bun. A no man hati. The iron isn’t any good. It doesn’t get hot.
2) vt. heat up. A te kowru. Hati en gi mi. The tea is cold. Heat it up for me. ant: kowru. From: Eng. Etym: hot .
hati2 See main entry: ati3. n. hurt; be painful.
hebi 1) ad. heavy. A planga hebi sote taki tu man no man tyari en. The board is so heavy that two men can’t carry it. A libi kon hebi. Mi no man moro. Life has become (too) heavy for me. I can’t go on. ant: lekti1. From: Eng. Etym: heavy . Spelling variation: ebi
2) n. burden. A sani de leki wan hebi na mi tapu. This thing is like a burden on me. See: lai.
3) vt. make heavy. I no mu hebi a wagi moro. Don’t make the load in the truck any heavier.
hebiman n. criminal type.
hei1 1) ad. high, tall. A bon hei. The tree is tall. See: langa1; lagi. From: Eng. Etym: high .
go na hei idiom. rant and rave or carry on about something. Fu sowan pikin krabu tapu yu wagi yu e go so na hei gi mi? For such a small scratch on your car you rant and rave at me like that? syn: go na loktu; rigeri.
2) vt. raise, lift up. Den hei a oso meki a no sungu te alen kon. They raised the house so that it wouldn’t flood when it rains. ant: broko1.
3) ad. important. A presidenti na a moro hei man ini a kondre. The president is the most important person in the country. syn: prenspari; funamku.
4) vt. esteem as important. Fu di a man abi furu moni, den hei en. Because the man has lots of money, they treat him as if he is important.
5) adj. haughty. A sma hei. A no wani taki nanga mi moro. That person is haughty. She will not talk to me anymore. ant: abi sakafasi.
6) ad. high on drugs, mildly intoxicated. A tranga tabaka meki a boi kon hei. The strong tobacco made the boy high. See: drungu.
hei2 n. paca or spotted cavy (a kind of large rodent). Agouti paca (Agoutidae).
heibrudu n. high blood pressure.
hei-ede-kwikwi n. a kind of fresh-water armored catfish. Hoplosternum littorale (Callichthyidae). Also known as sokekwikwi.
heigron-aboma n. rainbow boa. Epicrates cenchria (Boidae).
heihei 1) adj. high-placed, high-ranking, senior. Den heihei man ini a legre na den ofisiri. The high-ranking men in the army are the officers.
2) adj. weighty, high-sounding, pretentious. Son sma lobi fu taki nanga heihei wortu. Disi e meki tak' ala sma no man grabu san den e taki. Some people like to use high-sounding words when they speak. As a result not everyone can understand what they say.
heiman n. important person, VIP. syn: bigiman.
heimemre n. pride, haughtiness. Heimemre broko en saka. Pride was his downfall. syn: bigifasi; ant: sakafasi.
abi heimemre v. be proud, haughty. A pikin disi abi heimemre. This girl is haughty. ant: abi sakafasi.
heisi vt. hoist, raise, pull up. Fosi a skoro bigin, den heisi a fraga. Before school begins, they raise the flag. Usage: archaic. syn: opo3.
hel n. hell.
helpi v. help, assist. Usage: Archaic church language. The modern term is yepi.
Helpiman n. Savior. Usage: archaic church language. syn: Ferlusuman.
her'esi adv. in the near future, soon, quickly. Yu mu du muiti fu kon her'esi, bika dalek mi o gwe. Try to come quickly, because I will be leaving soon. See: es'esi. Spelling variation: er'esi
her'heri1 adv. whole. Son sma no e koti a okro te den meki supu. Den e poti en her'heri na ini. Some people do not cut up the okra when they make soup. They put it in whole. Spelling variation: er'eri1
her'heri2 n. a dish made from various kinds of ground provisions or plantains and salt fish. Morph: redup. Spelling variation: heriheri, er'eri2
heri 1) adj. all, whole. A heri kondre ben row di Dobru dede. The whole country mourned when Dobru died. Variant: eri. From: NL. Etym: heel .
2) adv. real, really. Fosi yu ben kan bai wan heri bigi fowru fu tin golu. You used to be able to buy a really large chicken for ten guilders. syn: bun.
her'ipi adj. a whole lot, many. Mi piki wan her'ipi apresina. I picked a whole lot of oranges. syn: furu. Spelling variation: er'ipi
hilahila adj. plenty, in abundance, quite a lot, very much. syn: furu; fur'furu; bogobogo; ipi-ipi. Morph: redup.
hipi See main entry: ipi. n. pile, heap, stack, group.
hipsi adj. tall and sturdily built (said of people). See: bigi; stampu2.
hogri See main entry: ogri. ad. naughty.
hoigri 1) v. to feign, be a hypocrite, act hypocritically. A man disi e hoigri. Yu no man fertrow en. This man is a hypocrite. You can’t trust him.
2) v. gossip, speak about others. Den tu sma dape e sidon hoigri sma tori heri dei, ma den no e luku den eigi tori. The two people there sit the entire day talking about others, but they never look to their own affairs. syn: konkru.
hoigriman n. hypocrite.
hondro num. hundred. See table under: nomru. Variant: hondru.
hondru See main entry: hondro. num. hundred.
hori See main entry: ori. 1) vt. hold, hold on to.
2) vt. grab, catch.
hori ... na ati hold a grudge. See main entry: hori ... na ati.
hori doro persevere, endure, keep going. See main entry: hori doro.
howpu 1) n. hope. Wi e howpu taki yu sa man yepi wi, bika a howpu fu un de na tapu yu wawan. We hope that you can help us, because you are our only hope.
2) v. hope. Mi e howpu taki mi kan kon tamara. I hope I can come tomorrow.
huru 1) v. to have sexual relations with more than one person. Usage: it can be for money, i.e. prostitution, but does not have to be. Variant: uru.
2) n. prostitute, whore, a woman who has sexual relations with many different men. syn: wakawaka frow. See: motyo. Variant: urufrow.
hurulibi n. promiscuous behavior, sexual immorality. syn: motyolibi. Variant: urulibi.
huruman n. a man who has sexual relations with many different women. syn: motyop'pa.
hurupikin n. child born out of an adulterous relationship, illegitimate child.
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