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rai 1) n. advice, counsel. Mi e go suku rai na wan afkati. I’m going to seek advice from a lawyer.
gi rai v. advise, give advice. A man disi e taki switi, ma mi e gi yu a rai fu no teki den sani san a e taki. This man words are sweet as honey, but I advise you not to give heed to them.
2) vi. guess. Rai omeni moni mi abi ini mi portmoni. Guess how much money I’ve got in my wallet. Spelling variation: lai
raiman n. advisor.
raitori n. riddle, mystery. Mi no man puru a raitori disi. I can’t solve this riddle. A ben de wan rai pe a man ben go. It was a mystery where the man had disappeared to. Variant: rai; laitori.
raparapa n. Amazon matamata (a kind of fresh-water turtle). Chelus fimbriatus (Chelidae).
rasper n. fer de lance. Botrops atrox (Crotalidae). Also known as labaria and owrukuku.
redi ad. red, brownish-red, brown. gen: kloru1.
redi-banabeki n. red-rumped cacique. Cacicus haemorrhous (Icteridae).
redidia n. large red brocket (a kind of deer). Mazama americana (Cervidae). Also known as prasaradia. See: dia.
redi-ede tingifowru n. turkey vulture. Cathartes aurea (Cathartidae). Also referred to simply as tingifowru when no attempt is being made to distinguish it from other kinds of vultures. See: tingifowru.
redifutu sekrepatu n. red-footed tortoise. Chelonoidis carbonaria (Testudinidae). Also known as sabanasekrepatu.
redikaiman n. dwarf cayman. Paleosuchus palpebrosus (Alligatoridae). Sometimes referred to as blakakaiman. See: kaiman.
redikopro n. copper. Usage: Redikopro is used instead of kopro when it is necessary to make a distinction between it and gerikopro.
redinengre n. brown-skinned creole. A: Suma yu e suku? B: Mi e suku Sam, a redi-skin boi san e prei a gitara. A: Who are you looking for? B: I’m looking for Sam, the light skinned boy who plays guitar.
redipiren n. red piranha. Serrasalmus spilopleura (Serrasaimidae).
reditere n. a kind of whipsnake. Chironius carinatus (Colubridae).
reditigri n. puma ; cougar. Puma concolor (Felidae). gen: tigri1.
refrensi 1) n. revenge.
2) vt. avenge, take revenge. Mi o refrensi a dede fu mi papa. I’m going to avenge the death of my father.
teki refrensi idiom. take revenge, avenge.
rei1 1) vt. drive (auto, truck, bus), ride (bicycle, motorcycle, etc), sail (boat, ship), taxi (airplane). Mi papa e rei wan nyun wagi. My father is driving a new car.
2) vi. ride. Mi e rei ala mamanten nanga mi papa go na wroko. Every morning I ride with my father to work.
rei2 vt. trick someone, make a fool of someone. Mi brada rei mi nanga mi moni. My brother tricked me out of my money. syn: kori; kisi2. See: fufuru; ori ... na spotu.
rèis n. a flat lead disk used to play with marbles.
repman n. mature male songbird. See: tigriman; yong'man.
respeki See main entry: lespeki. n. respect.
reti See main entry: leti2. v. be right.
rigeri 1) vi. raise Cain, storm about, make a scene. Ala leisi te birman drungu, a e rigeri. Every time the neighbor gets drunk, he raises Cain.
2) vi. to rule, reign, govern, lead. Den srudati ben wani rigeri a kondre. The soldiers wanted to run the country. Usage: usually used with a negative connotation. See: tiri2.
romboto See main entry: lomboto. vt. surround, encircle, gang up on.
rosen n. raisin.
rostu 1) vi. rest. Mi o rostu pikinso. I’m going to rest awhile. syn: hari ... baka; bro ... futu; bro.
2) n. rest. Mi abi wan bun rostu fanowdu. I need a good rest.
rostupresi n. place to rest.
roti n. a kind of flat bread made by the Hindustanis.
row 1) vi. to grieve, to mourn. Den e row gi den dede. They are mourning for the dead. Variant: low.
2) n. a time of grief or mourning.
rowkrosi n. mourning clothes. Baka aiti dei den puru den rowkrosi. After a week, they took off their mourning clothes. Variant: lowkrosi.
rowsu n. rose. (Rosaceae).
rutu 1) n. root. Den woron nyan ala den rutu fu den siri. The worms have eaten all the roots of the seeds.
rutu puru v. dig or pull out by the roots. Son grasi, efu yu no rutu den puru, dan den e gro baka. Some kinds of grass, if you don’t pull them out by the roots, they will grow back.
2) n. ancestry, lineage, roots, origin. A rutu fu mi kmopo fu Nengrekondre. My roots are in Africa.
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